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Can an unhealthy pie be the cure for cancer?

It can if you bake it, sell it and donate the profits to cancer research. This recipe explains how to do it.


Bad ideas can’t hide in print. That’s why de Volkskrant introduced the Creative Press Challenge. A competition for young creatives that challenges them to distill a charity idea into a simple print ad.

Our idea for Fight Cancer won the Creative Press Challenge 2015. Beating over 80 teams from agencies like Wieden + Kennedy, DDB and TBWA.

Below are some lovely words from the jury

“This is our winner. The heading encourages the reader to keep reading. Then, the ad shows how easy it actually is to contribute to Fight Cancer.” 

– Limore Noah, Director, Fight Cancer

“The winner is a class act. It delivers a very provocative message in a simple and elegant way. It does not shout but it goes straight to the brain and the heart. ”

– Carlo Cavallone, ECD , 72andSunny Amsterdam

“The winning ad caught my eye immediately because it provokes in a simple, yet powerful way: an unhealthy cake could cure cancer? That weird statement triggers curiosity. ” 

– Philippe Remarque, Chief Editor, Volkskrant

“I can imagine the winning ad at Cannes Lions. It has a classic look, reminding of famous copy ads. The bright idea is made modern by the correctly crafted execution. ” 

– Darre van Dijk, CCO, TBWA\NEBOKO