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A very personal audiotour through your own home. Narrated by your kids and grandchildren.

ABN AMRO introduced a new type of mortgage: the Overvalue Mortgage. It allows people aged 66 and over to withdraw their surplus value (overwaarde) without having to sell their house.

They asked us to make this financial product understandable in such a way that it would immediately strike a chord with the older target group.

So sit back, relax and watch how we made a lovely couple cry.

The insight is simple and powerful. The Overvalue Mortgage is not a mortgage product, but a way to keep living at home for as long as possible. So you can continue to enjoy all the beautiful memories you have there.

A wish cherished by many elderly and their families.


You can safely say that the idea went straight trough the heart of the target group. Over 5000 people reached out to ABN AMRO to talk about the financial possibilities for their home. The campaign was awarded a Bronze Effie. ).


Bronze Effie

Bronze Esprix

Best Social Awards finalist (best video)

SAN accent nomination

Grand Prix Content Marketing (short video)